Duane has had a varied life with athletics, photography, publishing and art being an overriding passion.

Born and raised in Taranaki New Zealand, he started the Sporting Images Photo Agency in Brisbane in 1992 and was director of the agency for 22 years until a change of direction saw him close the agency and website in 2014. In that time he covered 5 Olympic Games from 1996-2012 and many Commonwealth and World Championship events as an accredited freelance photographer as well as junior sport  throughout Queensland and Australia, and he enjoyed the challenge of always trying to photograph a sport from a different perspective.

In 1995 he published an Athletics Training diary with many of his best photos and his work featured in many of Australia's top sporting publications. In the 1990's he was the official photographer for the Brisbane Broncos, Queensland Crushers, Strikers Soccer, Bullets Basketball, Queensland Reds and Queensland Cricket , Athletics Australia, and many other Australian sporting teams and organisations.

Awards include winning the 1997 Australian AIPP Editorial Photographer of the year and he also won the 2008 International Aperture Award World Sports Photographer of the Year. He also featured with his daughter Holly, on the Australian TV Show Totally Wild on a Feature on Sports Photography and was one of the featured photographers in the Channel 9 documentary "Behind the Lens" that aired in August 2014. 

In 2011 Duane started Peninsula Framing in Redcliffe and specialised in photo restoration of old photos. Local Redcliffe history is also a passion for him for over 20 years and he has collected a large collection of original land sale maps, books and photos.

He published his second book, a republished "1932 Tourism Guide to Redcliffe" in 2016 and his third book "The Pictorial History of Redcliffe" featuring restored local historic photos, maps and advertisements, was first published in 2017, with an updated version republished in 2018, 2019 and 2022. His new book "The Pictorial History Of Redcliffe and the Moreton Bay Region" (1950s to 1980s) was published in August 2022.

All books are available to view and purchase at www.redcliffebook.com.  



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